Who are we?

We are a international film production and financing company. With 3 projects currently in production, we are setting out to find uncommon and understated film projects that thrill and excite us. Our aim is to give film makers the ability to create the projects they envision with the funding and audience they deserve. From Historic War Documentaries, Cosmic Horror Short films, to full length feature films, we want to explore films from the past, the future and everything in between.

What type of projects do we fund?

We don’t necessarily focus on a specific genre, but rather projects that excite us. We search for the truly unique of films, and try to align ourselves with the unique teams behind them.

We pay special attention to projects that challenge our understanding of the past, what the future might hold, and everything in between.

How do I get my project funded by Time Loop Films?

Unfortunately, we are not taking submissions at this time. Due to the high number of talent out there, we cannot accommodate the large number of submissions we receive.

We find projects by essentially going out on the street and seeing the talent for ourselves. Whether that is at a small film festival or a YouTube channel, we try to scout any where we can.

We do suggest that if you are beginning to create projects, make sure you make it easy for organizations like Time Loop Films to find your contact information so we can contact you.

What is our Short Film Project?

The rich talent pool out there in the Short Film industry is inspiring and we want to be able to help and support these rising film makers. By sponsoring and funding some exceptional film makers in their early career development in the form of short films, we hope to inspire other production and funding companies to explore the talents in the short film communities. Over time we will be releasing a number of short films that we have helped produce and fund, so please continue to our Short Film page for our complete library of works.